Veto Tool Bag Promotion

Invest in a Veto Bag and get a FREE Veto Tool Pouch!

VETO OFFER 1 - Any of the following Veto purchases comes with a Free TP-LC Pouch

• AX3501 Tech Pac
• AX3502 Tech Pac LT
• AX3515 Tech Pac Hi-Viz Yellow
• AX3518 Tec Pac MC
• AX3552 Tech Pac Camo MO
• AX3559 Tech Pac Hi-Viz Orange
• AX3561 Tech Pac Blackout
• AX3582 Tech Pac MC Blackout
• AX3583 Tech Pac MC Blackout Build-Out

• AX3509 OT-LC
• AX3543 OT-XL

• AX3500 TECH LC
• AX3503 TECH XL
• AX3513 Tech MCT
• AX3530 DR-XL
• AX3533 LC
• AX3540 MC Camo
• AX3553 XL
• AX3554 XLT
• AX3555 XXL-F
• AX3580 Tech OT-LC
• AX3591 TF-XXL

• AX3579 TP-XXL

• AX3560 Tech Pac Wheeler

VETO OFFER 2 -  Any of the following Veto purchases comes with a free TP4B Blackout Pouch 

• AX3506 MC
• AX3516 Tech MC

• AX3521 MB3B
• AX3522 TP-XL
• AX3556 KP-XL

Hurry while stocks last! Promotion ends 31st May 2022.

* Terms & Conditions: Promo will run to 31st May. Only while stocks
last. All Veto Promo bags will only be delivered to the HRP
branch where the purchase was made.

To download promotion PDF click here

For further details please contact your local branch 

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