Control Your Compliance with FGASmanager

The free of charge software is compatible with all computers and mobile devices. It provides you with complete control of purchased refrigerant, the allocation of cylinders to engineers and refrigerant usage by system. In addition, this powerful tool ensures that your activities comply with F-Gas regulations, including the ability to generate hazardous waste transfer notes automatically. These notes are generated instantly with all the necessary fields populated. 

Another built-in feature allows the user to organise cylinder collections or returns from a computer and/or mobile device automatically generating the correct paperwork.

The calendar feature highlights the dates that cylinders are due to be returned. This helps to avoid any potential cylinder costs. It also highlights all cylinders that are nearing their legally required test dates.

FGASmanager can generate unique ‘QR’ (quick response) code stickers for individual systems and for individual customers. By using a mobile device it is easy to build a log of refrigerant usage/recovery in three simple steps; scan the system (QR code), scan the cylinder (bar code) and enter the refrigerant type and weight. The software will then instantly link everything together.

Custom reports can be produced to log the refrigerant usage within any chosen equipment.

Please contact your local branch for more details.

To view the FGASmanager brochure click here.

For more features and benefits, lease view the FGAS video here.

Download the FGASmanager App today at the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

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