Price Increases August 2021

Please find Price Increases effective from 1st August 2021

Supplier Average Increase Start Date
Armaturenwerk (Surcharge) 7.5% 1st August
Cubigel Compressors 5.0% 1st August
Embraco Compressors & Condensing Units 5.0% 1st August
Emerson Surcharge - Comps / Alco 3.0% 1st August
Emerson Surcharge - Units 2.0% 1st August
Fermod 3.0% 1st August
Flexelec 5.0% 1st August
K-Flex 7.0% 1st August
Lu-ve Surcharge 10.0% 1st August
Ranco Pressure Controls 7.0% 1st August
TEV - CKA Outdoor Units 23.0% 1st August
TEV - CKC Outdoor Units 13.0% 1st August
TEV - CX Indoor Units 8.0% 1st August

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