Yellow Jacket P51 Manifolds

We are pleased to launch new Yellow Jacket P51-870 full colour digital in two kits.  

The P51-870 Titan manifold set features a 4.3in full colour touchscreen graphic display (IP52) which provides digital and graphical representation of pressure and temperature measurements, both high and low sides. The gauges can also display vapour and liquid saturation temperatures and displays system superheat/subcooling calculations. It even has on-board data logging capabilities which can be exported to a computer through a USB or to a Smartphone via the fantastic ManTooth app.

The ‘pressure hold’ mode displays the rate of change for both vacuum and positive pressure measurements giving you a good indication of any losses or gains in a system.

Over 126 refrigerant profiles are stored in the instrument including new blends not currently on the Refprop (Yellow Jacket) database, which is constantly updated so you’re always up to date on the latest refrigerants.

Using the ManTooth app (available for Android and IOS devises) measurements can be transmitted via Bluetooth to a smartphone for further analysis. When connected to a smartphone, target superheat and subcool are easily attained, along with all the other capabilities of the Yellow Jacket ManTooth app.

Two kits are available, one (40870) contains a vacuum sensor, 3 x 60” ¼” hoses, one 3/8” 60” hose, two temperature clamps, 2 6’ extension cables and a great backpack.

The second kit (40875) has all of the above plus the lines has ball valves, a 45degree quick coupler on the 3/8” line, and 2 x ¼” x 5/16” lines c/w ball valves.

This really is the latest in digital manifolds and it provides a future proof platform for years to come.

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