CUBO₂Plus Low Temp

SCM CUBO₂ Plus CO₂ Transcritical Unit Low Temp 2.2kW

Part number: 480063
Manufacturer number: UMT 030 BTDX
CUBO₂Plus Low Temp
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Model numberUMT 030 BTDX
Number of fans2
SCM Frigo have developed a range of CO2 transcritical condensing units that use inverter... more
Product information - SCM CUBO₂ Plus CO₂ Transcritical Unit Low Temp 2.2kW
SCM Frigo have developed a range of CO2 transcritical condensing units that use inverter technology with semi hermetic reciprocating compressors. This compact condensing unit comes factory pre-set making it easy to install and maintain. With a GWP of 1, R744 systems provide a long term environmentally friendly solution.
Low GWP Refrigerant
Using CO₂ as a refrigerant is as green as it gets. With an ODP of 0 and GWP of 1, the Cubo2Plus condensing unit is the greenest solution on the market. CO₂ has many other benefits for both the contractor and end user, these include being up to 5 times more efficient than R404A and is a non-flammable refrigerant.
Low Noise
Due to its inverter compressor, component design as well as EC fan specification, the Cubo2Plus unit offers low db(A) ratings across the range, ideal for challenging installation conditions.
EC Fan Motor
EC Fans consume significantly lower power compared to normal AC fans. Not only does this translate into energy savings but also peace of mind for the contractor and end-user. EC fans are an ideal solution for acoustically challenging applications.
Inverter Compressor
The inverter compressors from either Dorin or Bitzer (available as an option, please talk to us) offer great energy saving rewards and provides maximum cost benefit and a minimised life cycle cost to the end user.
Carel HECU Controller
Carel’s HECU controller offers real-time modulation of cooling capacity aiding in low energy consumption at all times. This high performancemeans the system both complies with the Eco-design directive on energy performance and exceeds the limits set by the F-Gas Regulation for condensing unit applications.
Technical details:
Semi Hermetic reciprocating compressor
Frequency controlled compressor (MT line)
EC fans
K65 connections
Design pressure: 120 bar (high pressure side) / 60 bar (liquid line) / 60 bar (suction)
Frequency controlled compressor on LT line (optional)
PHE for heat recovery (optional)
CO₂ (R744) refrigerant
Cooling Capacity from 2 kW up to 30 kW.
Model UMT MTDX: condensing units, with 1 compressor for medium temperature
Model UMT BTDX: condensing units, with 1 compressor for low temperature
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Model numberUMT 030 BTDX
TypeLow Temp
Inverter modulation30-60Hz
Compressor modelCD2S300
Liquid line connection (I)5/8"
Suction line connection (I)7/8"
Receiver volume15
Number of fans2
Weight460 kg
kW at -40C1.62
kW at -35C1.9
kW at -30C2.29
KW at -25C2.59
Power supply400V 3ph
Noise level 50Hz (@10 m distance) [db(A)]48
Fan diameter500
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