Ducted systems

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Compact and versatile is the ideal choice for new or refurbished buildings.
• Slim line profile that allows installation in applications with low available height.
• Automatic static pressure control.
• Reliable and durable unit thanks to high efficient DC rotary inverter driven compressor.
• Max static pressure 160pa.
• Easy installation and maintenance as all components can be accessed by removing the grille. • Equipped with fresh air intake.
• Built in Drain Pump that can lift the condensate water up to 750 mm.
• Standard equipped air filter.
• Choice of wired (optional) or wireless controls (standard)

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Description Refrigerant Cooling capacity Heating capacity
Ducted Inverter 3.5kw 1phase
R32 3,52 3.8
Ducted Inverter 5.0kw 1phase
R410a 5 5.4
Ducted Inverter 7.1kw 1phase
R410a 7,03 7,4
Ducted Inverter 8.4kw 1phase
R410a 8.7 9.3
Ducted Inverter 10.5kw R32 1phase System
R32 10.5 11.3
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