FHD Range - CO2

Short Description

Dual discharge unit coolers with twin speed EC Fans

Key Features
New super-efficient TURBOCOIL 2 Heat Exchanger - high efficiency small diameter copper tubes with turbulated aluminium fins

  • Suction pressure gauge connection allows checking of suction pressure and correct performance of unit cooler
  • Reduced dehumidification
  • Reduced frost formation
  • Increased air throw
  • Greatly reduced internal volume
  • Low noise levels
  • Low energy consumption
  • Very compact overall dimensions

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Description Air volume flow Width Depth
LU-VE FHD9117E 7mm Fin Spacing - C02/Electric Defrost
2000 m3/hr 886 mm 263 mm
LU-VE FHD8224E 4mm Fin Spacing - C02/Electric Defrost
3500 m3/hr 886 mm 263 mm
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