FDUM-VF Standard / Hyper

Short Description

  • Available with a range of outdoor units offering high SEERs and SCOPs
  • Indoor units only 280mm high
  • Extended pipe runs up to 100m on selected units
  • Selected outdoor units come with Blue Fin protection
  • External static pressure control function
  • Lift pump fitted as standard 600mm from underside of unit
  • Available with a range of hard wired or infrared controls
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    Description Model number Cooling capacity Heating capacity
    FDUM40VF Low / Med Duct 4.0kW R410a
    FDUM40VF 4.0 kW 4.5 kW
    FDUM50VF Low / Med Duct 5.0kW R410a
    FDUM50VF 5.0 kW 5.4 kW
    FDUM60VF Low / Med Duct 6.0kW R410a
    FDUM60VF 5.6 kW 6.7 kW
    FDUM71VF1 Low / Med Duct 7.1kW R410a
    FDUM71VF1 7.1 kW 8.0 kW
    FDUM100VF2 Low / Med Duct 10kW R410a
    FDUM100VF2 10.0 kW 11.2 kW
    FDUM125VF Low/Med Duct 12.5kW R410a
    FDUM125VF 12.5 kW 14.0 kW
    FDUM140VF Low / Med Duct 14kW R410a
    FDUM140VF 14.0 kW 16.0 kW
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