K65 80 Bar

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In refrigeration, and in particular in the area of supermarket refrigeration systems, more and more ecology-oriented plant concepts are being implemented. The modern, environmently friendly refrigerant CO2 that is used here leads to high operating pressures. For these applications the K65 tube system is available. Tubes and fittings are made of the high-strength copper alloy K65 which has already been used for years in several industries including refrigeration. K65 allows economical installation of refrigeration systems with operating pressures up to 120 bar.

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Description Model number Length
K65 Tube 80 BAR 1/2" x 0.60mm x 6mtr
K651280 6 m
K65 Tube 80 BAR 5/8" x 0.75mm x 6mtr
K655880 6 m
K65 Tube 80 BAR 3/4" x 0.90mm x 6mtr
K653480 6 m
K65 Tube 80 BAR 7/8" x 1.00mm x 6mtr
K657880 6 m
K65 Tube 80 BAR 1.1/8" x 1.30mm x 6mtr
K651.1880 6 m
K65 Tube 80 BAR 1.3/8" x 1.60mm x 6mtr
K651.3880 6 m
K65 Tube 80 BAR 1.5/8"x 1.90mm 6mtr
K651.5880 6 m
K65 Tube 80 BAR 2.1/8" x 2.50mm x 6mtr
K652.1880 6 m
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