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  • Cable Ties and Accessories
  • Wipes


    EasyWipes™ are professional formulation handwipes containing powerful yet safe cleaning agents. These convenient wipes loosen, dissolve and absorb dirt, grease, grime, oil, ...

  • Abrasive Strips, Pads and Cloth

    Abrasive Strips, Pads and Cloth

    A high quality aluminium oxide 120 grit abrasive cloth that can be used wet or dry thoroughly clean steel and copper tubing.

  • Sealants


    Available in clear or white, DiversiTech Silicone sealants are 100% food grade and can be used in applications for continuous use up to 232°C. It is UV and water resistant and has ...

  • Pro-Tite Thread Sealant

    Pro-Tite Thread Sealant

    Resin based thread sealant that adheres to internal surfaces, fills voids while forming a flexible fluid tight seal. Specifically formulated for use on metals and plastics subject ...

  • Seal Cords

    Seal Cords

    The Parker Virginia line of insulation tapes, foams, and cords eliminates pipe sweating and heat loss and seals gaps. A full line of thermal transfer enhancing products ensures ...

  • Sealing Compound

    Sealing Compound

    Diversi-Gum is a non-hardening, non-corrosive sealing compound that is immediately paintable and has a temperature usage range between -4°C and 49°C. It is ideal for sealing ...

  • Oiler


    An all-purpose oiler with a 35cm telescoping spout. Squeeze-bottle action for general industrial use.

  • PVC Insulating Tape
  • Alluminium Foil Tape

    Alluminium Foil Tape

    An easy-to-handle aluminium tape that prevents heating and cooling losses and blocks odours and moisture. Has a 3 to 5 year shelf life and a working temperature range of 35°F to ...

  • Expanding Foam

    Expanding Foam

    Expanding Foam. A ready-to-use, multi-purpose, polyurethane foam that is triple expanding when in contact with air. Features: The expanding action fills holes, cracks and gaps ...