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  • Aspen Storm Powdered Chemical Sachets

    Aspen Storm Powdered Chemical Sachets

    A unique formula designed to effectively clean the tough environment found in the evaporator and condensate tray. Effectively eliminating odours and providing a healthy indoor ...

  • EasyFoam


    EasyFoam® is a heavy duty, ready mixed for immediate use cleaner for use on air conditioning condenser coils. Its foaming formulation and powerful aerosol jet make it ideal for ...

  • Grease Gobbler

    Grease Gobbler

    Grease building up on condensing unit coils in kitchens will impede air flow and reduce heat transfer. This condition can put a severe strain on the equipment and increase running ...

  • HydroKleen


    As air is pulled through the condenser coil, small amounts of dirt deposit on the fins. Left untreated, a layer of dirt builds up over time — acting as an insulating blanket ...

  • RTU® CC

    RTU® CC

    RTU CC is a condenser cleaner which is ideal for use as part of a regular maintenance programme. Highly effective at removing all common types of dirt and debris, it also has a ...

  • SuperClean


    SuperClean is quite simply the strongest coil cleaner on the market. Unique in its formulation, it brings all of the benefits of a heavy duty acid cleaner but is considerably safer ...