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  • DiversiFlush


    Dirty and contaminated system? Diversi-Flush™ to the rescue! A unique system and line cleaning solution, ideal for dealing with compressor burn outs, R22 retrofits and ...

  • EndoFlush


    EndoFlush® is an internal system cleaner ideal for use after a burnout or retrofit. Its low viscosity allows it to be circulated freely around a system to remove contaminants and ...

  • Hidrox


    Hidrox is a descaling treatment for use on closed water systems and cooling towers. By removing all scale and slime, its advanced formulation effectively clears the entire open ...

  • ScalePro


    Limescale is often a serious problem on ill-protected, badly fitted or heavily-used adiabatic condensers. Constant water-cooling quickly deposits a thick mineral coating on metal ...