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  • Armaflex Adhesive/Glue

    Armaflex Adhesive/Glue

    ArmaFlex 520 adhesive is a polychloroprene based solvent. The material has low viscosity for ease of application and quick drying characteristics. In its dry state, ArmaFlex 520 ...

  • Armaload


    Armaflex Armaload Pipe Support Section 19mm x 40mm x 1m Half Round • Dust and fibre free. • One-piece design for ease of application. • Built-in vapour barrier ...

  • Tape


    Armaflex Pipe Insulation Lagging Tape Black Foam Class O Nitrile Rubber 15m x 50mm x 3mm thick. Our Armaflex Pipe Insulation tape is the ideal product if you have a small length ...

  • Paint


    • Resistant to weathering and ageing • Coating remains elastic • Drip-free paint • Specially developed for covering Armaflex® • Protection of Armaflex® ...