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  • Fin Tools

    Fin Tools

    Our fin comb set is perfect for straightening misshapen or dented heat pump evaporator coils

  • Flaring Swaging Tools

    Flaring Swaging Tools

    • 275-FS Flares and swages. • Converts quickly. • Screw-type feed. • Ideal for use in close quarters. • Two bars included cover 9 sizes. • ...

  • Tube Benders

    Tube Benders

    Tube benders come in a variety of styles and can bend many different sizes and types of refrigeration and air conditioning tubing.

  • Tube Cutters

    Tube Cutters

    Big capacity, small size tube cutters designed for use in tight quarters where other cutters won’t fit. • Enclosed feed screw minimizes contamination assuring continued ...

  • Tube Expanders

    Tube Expanders

    • Precise swaging on the job • Re-round deformed tubes and fittings • Salvage shorts and scrap to make couplings • Handles, tapered expanding pin, and other ...

  • Service Ratchet Wrenches

    Service Ratchet Wrenches

    For use with: • Hard to reach compressor access valves • Dust caps on access valves • Oil check plugs on compressors • Compressor mounting bolts • Valve ...