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The Turbo Set 1000 is a sturdy brazing kit, using disposable cylinders of high performance fuel gas, “maxigas”, which, when used in conjunction with the oxygen ,will attain temperatures of up to 3000oC. It is highly portable (the whole unit weighs just 5kg) and is contained in a high quality metal rack – allowing safe storage of the Turbo Set’s gas cylinders.

The Turbo Set is a compact and highly effective brazing kit. It is ideal for plumbing, air conditioning and refrigeration system repairs.

• Professional torch with integral gas control
• User controllable flame intensity
• 3000°C flame – Ideal for brazing, heating & soldering
• High quality metal carry case
• Portable – weighs just 5kg

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Description Weight
Turbo Set 1000 Portable Brazing Kit
5 kg
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