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Danfoss EEV AKV Range Danfoss EEV AKV Range
AKV are electrically operated expansion valves designed for refrigeration plants. The AKV valves are designed for use with a controller from Danfoss’ range of...
Carel Electronic Expansion Valves Carel Electronic Expansion Valves
Carel's electronic expansion valves with stepper motor are controlled by a controller/driver, as well as a temperature and a pressure sensor.The EVD evo...
Danfoss Electric Expansion Valves Danfoss Electric Expansion Valves
Actuator for ETS 25B-400, KVS 42
Danfoss EEV AKV/A/H/P Range Spares Danfoss EEV AKV/A/H/P Range Spares
Spare part kits for AKV and AKVA valves. Each kit contains items required for servicing of the valves, such as piston assemblies, springs, gaskets, orifices and filters.
Danfoss Electric Expansion Valves Spares Danfoss Electric Expansion Valves Spares
AK-ACC. Cable 4X0,5 8m M12 female ETS

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