...with the Carrier 3.5kW Mobile AC unit.
Go Heavy…. for £200 in amazon vouchers, or, a £200 donation to a charity of your choice.
Just buy 3 split systems worth over £1500, or any VRF system to qualify.
Speak to our MHI Direct team or your local branch.
MHI launch their latest air conditioning splits catalogue. Including everything you’ll need from wall mounts to heat recovery ventilation get your clickable version today.
FGASmanager is a complete software package developed exclusively for HRP, for the comprehensive management of all your F-Gas requirements.
Important changes to our reclaim and recovery cylinder service.
HRP is pleased to announce we now have stock of the full range of MHI R32 wall mounts, available in all colours across our HRP branches.
The first in pump inside a trunk elbow with exclusive 5 year warranty.
In stock now – The fantastic NEW Yellow Jacket P51 Titan digital manifold sets. The future proof digital manifold.

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