FridgeHUB Launch

Following on from a detailed review of how they support the supply of refrigeration equipment to the trade, Beijer Ref, in the UK & Ireland, has introduced a service that sets a new standard with the launch of FridgeHUB.

FridgeHUB offers a range of products not previously available from a national wholesaler, covering systems capable of duties ranging from 0.5kW through to over 750kW. Natural, sustainable solutions are the foundation with systems available for CO2 and A2L refrigerants covering standard condensing units through to pack systems that can be matched to a range of heat exchanger options.

Complimenting this range of equipment FridgeHUB combines 5 key elements within one service hub to redefine product support for the refrigeration industry. The 5 elements are:

1. FridgeDIRECT an internal team of dedicated product specialists who are knowledgeable in the selection and supply of equipment with a capacity of up to 10kW. They provide equipment solutions for cold rooms, freezer rooms and beer cellars. This team will respond within 30 minutes to quote requests and will personally process your order keeping you updated every step of the way. The FridgeDIRECT team provide dedicated support for contractors installing fridge equipment

2. FridgePROJECTS consists of a team of specialist Project Managers covering commercial and heavy commercial systems above 10kW. Our Fridge Project Managers offer full project management for the supply of equipment from an initial enquiry through to commissioning and maintenance. They will ensure customers are regularly updated on a projects progress from the initial technical quotation through to delivery scheduling. The team have a unique understanding of refrigeration systems and how they are applied by the end user, they have ‘hands on’ experience having worked with contractors, so they appreciate the specific needs of each project and they have received in depth product training from our suppliers.

3. FridgeTECH provides dedicated application engineers that work in unison with the Project Managers. They will convert the customers brief and apply a solution that provides an end customer with an ideal system to refrigerate products. The team are commercially aware meaning that the selections consider real world commercial pressures. Our FridgeTECHs are available to work as part of your own integral team and are available to visit the project site with you to provide a united and cohesive representation to your end user.

4. FridgeTRAINING is an important part of the Hub. Our state of the art Beijer Ref Academy is comprehensively fitted with a variety of fridge equipment and training courses are offered for engineers to further their knowledge in new sustainable equipment from installation, commissioning and maintenance. This ensures engineers are up to date with the very latest products

5. FridgePRO. And finally, we recognise that the refrigeration trade has historically been a poor relation to the air-conditioning market with regard to training programmes, partnership schemes, dedicated support services and factory support are the norm. With this in mind, we have introduced a partnership scheme called FridgePRO, specifically for refrigeration engineering companies. This partnership scheme provides contractors with a range of benefits that have been designed to enhance their businesses competitive edge in the market. These include enhanced training, access to enhanced warranty, branded clothing for contractors, vehicle graphics, marketing support and factory contact.

Working in conjunction with our wholesalers, HRP we are confident that this new service redefines the supply of refrigeration equipment to contractors.

Visit to fully understand the range of products, services and unique solutions provided fridgeHUB

Product support, redefined


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