FGASmanager Pro. The management system for all your cylinders

FGASmanager the award-winning cylinder management system has been a great success and we are now pleased to launch FGASmanager Pro!

FGASmanager Pro provides all the benefits of FGASmanager with the added benefit of allowing contractors the ability to add any cylinder that needs tracking onto the system, no matter where it came from or who supplied it.

It provides you with complete control of purchased refrigerant, the allocation of cylinders to engineers and refrigerant usage by the system for all cylinders in your company, even non-refrigerant cylinders.

This powerful tool ensures that your activities comply with F-Gas regulations, including the ability to generate hazardous waste transfer notes automatically. The notes are generated with all the necessary fields populated and are ready to print within seconds.

Another built-in feature allows you to organise cylinder collections, or returns, from your computer and/or mobile device automatically generating the correct paperwork.

Just visit FGASmanager and register today!

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