Anti-Vibration Strip

Short Description

TICO anti-vibration material is a high performance machinery mounting pad.
Key Features:
Reduces noise and vibration
Maximum recommended load bearing capacity of 0.5 MN/m2 (approx. 50 tonnes per square metre)
Resistant to a wide range of fluid media
Operating temperature range of -40˚C (-40˚F) to 100˚C (212˚F)
Can be adhered to floor – No bolting required
Easy to cut and simple to install

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Description Model number Dimension Pack Qty.
Tico Anti-Vibration Pad 1.2m x 75mm x 12.5mm
TP-031042 1200 L x 75 W x 12.55 H mm 1
Tico Anti-Vibration Pad 1.2m x 100mm x 12.5mm
TP-031069 1200 L x 100 W x 12.55 H mm 1
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