Cages for Outdoor units

Short Description

These purpose built air conditioning and refrigeration condensing unit cages come with sliding covers for easy access for servicing and maintenance. Quick and easy to assemble and manufactured with a robust materials and powder coated ivory finish.

Product Key Features:
• Powder coated ivory finish
• Tough and robust construction
• Sliding panel assembly
• Quick and easy to assemble
• Supplied in flat pack format
• Spare parts available
• Weight 18Kg

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Description Width Height Depth
Cond Unit Cage 720mmx1020mmx450mm
1020 mm 750 mm 460 mm
Cond Unit Cage 1120mmx1120mmx640mm
1120 mm 1120 mm 640 mm
Cond Unit Cage 1420mmx1120mmx640mm
1120 mm 1450 mm 640 mm
Cond Unit Cage 1770mmx1120mmx640mm
1120 mm 1770 mm 640 mm
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