SRR-ZMX Compact Ducted System - Hyper Inverter

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This ultra slim system allows the indoor unit to be concealed within a room taking the inlet air via a grille and providing outlet air through a variety of options. Its depth is an industry leading 200mm. Standard Features: Auto restart, 24hr on/off programmable timer, sleep timer, economy mode function, self clean function, return air inlet from bottom or back of unit. Notes: Wi-Fi available as an accessory.

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Description Refrigerant Cooling capacity Heating capacity
Ducted system 2.5kw R410A - Hyper inverter
R410A 2.55 kW 3.45 kW
Ducted system 3.5kw R410A - Hyper inverter
R410A 3.6 kW 4.25 kW
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